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Hose clamps are all over the place. If you needing hose clamps you’re not sure what type to choose. Home Genie provides valuable content such as this. They provide the primary purposes and types of clamps on hoses in this instructional video.
There are many types of hose clamps

There are six kinds of hose clamps as it is evident from the video. They include embossed clamps, which feature rounded edges so as to ensure that they do not harm or cut the hose. They also have adjustable hose clamps, which likely include all kinds of hose clamps as most are adjustable in some way, and worm gear clamps, which use screws as the adjustment mechanism. They are widely used in plumbing applications.

Be sure to research which clamp is the right one for your project prior to selecting the clamp type that is going to work the best. It is a good idea to consult an expert like one of the dept heads at your local hardware store. Or, defer to the more detailed videos of Home Genie. They have great info regarding a wide range of subjects related to renovations to your home.


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