These Top Christmas Present Ideas Go Way Beyond Basic Gifts for Guys – Sales Planet

An organization that will bring various beers each month, to the residence of the beneficiary over the course of a year. He will love receiving the monthly packages, as well as trying each month a new beer.
Cosmetic Dentist Service

Are you worried about your man’s smile. Would you like to give him a reason to walk in glee every single day? Spend money on a cosmetic dentistry treatment that will make his teeth sparkling within a matter of minutes! It might be an unorthodox present, however be sure he’ll appreciate it!

Audio Sunglasses

If you’re looking for an unusual gift for someone who enjoys tech, give him some audio sunglasses. They are great because they can block the sun as well as play music with small speakers. It’s a futuristic gift.


Boots may seem like the most basic gifts for guys, but when you pick the perfect pair, they provide a wonderful gift. A boot that looks great, is durable and lasts for many years. Also, make sure that the shoes are comfortable!

T-Shirt Apparel

A T-shirt that has interesting slogans, designs and phrases is a wonderful present. There are a myriad of quotes or images that can be put on your T-shirts to make them fun and unique. The persona of the guy who you’re buying the shirt for will determine the design.

Dinner Reservation

There is no reason not to have a romantic time in romantic dining establishments if you’re in the mood for a relaxing time. Even though men are the ones making these reservations for their ladies, there’s no reason not to pamper him with dinner by candlelight!

Magnetic Wristband

Buying a gift for a guy who enjoys fixing items or playing with their bikes and cars can seem tricky because they’ll likely already have everything they need. Consider buying his a magnetic wristband. The magnetic wristband is designed to wrap around the wrists of belts, and is easy to keep on.


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